2019 General Election: All JMPP members are LEADERS and not POLITICIANS – Ogun Central Senatorial Candidate.


Ogun central senatorial candidate Adebayo Olugbenga of Justice Must Prevail Party (JMPP) disclosed this at Abeokuta on Sunday during his campaign towards 2019 election general election.

‘’Our great party (JMPP) Justice Must Prevail Party is a divinely established revolution party delivered by the Almighty to solve all National problems and questions.

All JMPP members are leaders and not politicians. Politicians pollute the Nations while leaders lead with integrity and sincerity of purpose.

The Party wants revolution of peace, love, unity, transparency, accountability, growth, youth and women empowerment, justice, equity and transformation. In Yoruba, the term JMPP means’ Egbe Opa Ododo yio bori’.

I, Adebayo Olugbenga have tenacity to serve selflessly to my father land. Nigeria and Ogun State people as a whole. I was the Asst. Publicity of JMPP in Lagos.

I am vying for Senate under our party under Ogun Central Senatorial district in the forthcoming 2019 general elections.

I strongly appeal that electorates or eligible voters should vote for me in February 16th, 2019 for transformation, functional & true representation, intelligent administration, focused & committed decision making& effective implementation with reasonable feedback to my Federal Constituencies/ Wards.

As an Accountant with sound managerial background that spanned over years in Multinational companies. I pioneered & managed the Pension Fund of my organization that grew from #300m to #1.8b till 2010 now about #5.4b with huge profit & investment. I did not steal any Kobo. The records are there. I have a name to protect. As an Associate of Pension Fund of Nigeria now Association of Portfolio & investment managers,

I was part of those who contributed to the institution of Pension Reform Act of 2004 amended 2014 which give rise to PENCOM in Nigeria. If elected by the grace of God our visions are Youths & Women Empowerment, free Medical in rural & urban centres, rural roads construction & Electrification to bring development in rural areas for Agricultural growth. Subsidized education fees in Primary, Secondary & tertiary schools. Some critical bills that will transform the lives of all my Constituencies shall be raised & duly implemented.

Our party has zero tolerance for Corruption but out for good governance. Though a new party, our newness shall bring out good results. We shall listen to people and give back to the person that elects us. We shall take their views as we come to our Constituencies/wards regularly to put minds together to know their needs and go back to implement with funds available at our disposal which shall be judiciously spent and accounted for without any fear or favour. Honesty, transparency, accountability, sincerity of purpose, loyalty to our people shall be fostered.

Kindly Vote for me. Vote for our Party! !!! !!!  JMPP! !!  Leadership revolution!!!  !!!’’


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