Saturday, February 16, 2019

Crest Nation is a divine vision established April 30, 2014 at RCCG Kings Throne Parish, Osun Province TWO (2), Ile-Ife Osun state by the inspiration of God through His vessel Daniel Michael Olusola.

It was set to eradicate Menaces/challenges that are facing the destiny of youths and the young ones (Cultism, homosexuals, drug trafficking etc.) and to liberate their lives for the good purpose of fulfilling destiny,

Crest Nation organizes outreaches and seminars in secondary Schools, Higher Institutions, churches, through social media, television programmes and radio programmes station, we also spread our tentacles rural areas.

Our aim is to contribute to nation building and development and the affairs of the world, we also aim to be a symbol of peace to youth.

We also make provision for rehabilitation of young one where we nurture and empower the homeless, hopeless and visionless youths across the nation in other to curb the issue of occultic practices, robbery, homosexuality, thuggery, drug and human trafficking etc.

Crest Nation has the vision to;

  • Raise a Godly Generation
  • Unleash Destinies for the Purpose of God
  • Breed a Productive Life
  • Transform a lifestyle of Social Vices into Peaceful and Harmonious
  • Make the society peaceful and comfortable to live
  • Stir up capacity building and Talents development in youths