THE APOSTACY 1.1 – Unction Timothy Olufemi


I was just thinking:

When will a Sinners come to a crusade ground and weep for his sin as of old, instead of being comfortable after answering our revivalists “Miracle Money Call” which is the order of d day? Apostle Ayo Babalola did not lay down this legacy.

When will the poor be free to pray without fear of money ransom for the answer and The brokenhearted will joyfully sing back home from the crusade being FREELY delivered instead of murmuring and bitterness we have today. Do people really sing out of crusades again?

2 Peter 2:1-18 gave the description of the evil acts of the present age Revivalists. When Jesus saw the crowd, He had compassion ON THEIR SOUL, but in our day when REVIVALIST sees crowd, he has COVETOUSNESS ON THEIR POCKETS & PROPERTIES. (Robbery in the name of the Lord).
JESUS said, Freely you were given, freely give. Will the coming generations ever know The TRUTH?



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